The Ohio Doula

Support and Education for the Birthing Year

Experienced Birth Doulas for Labor Support. Postpartum Support, Placenta Encapsulation , HypnoBirthing, Childbirth Education, Lactation Support for the birthing year. 

Who are the Dayton Doulas?

Jennifer Bailey has been a professional birth doula since 2012. She is passionate about supporting women and their families through pregnancy, childbirth, and the early post-partum period. She trained in 2012 with DONA for Labor Support and in 2015 with DONA for Postpartum Support. She is Rebozo certified. She is training with Healthy Children for Lactation Counselor certification. She recently certified in the use of TENS in labor. 

She has had the opportunity to support over 85 births in hospitals, at home, and in the birth center in Dayton.  These have included induction, spontaneous labor, water birth, cesarean and VBAC.

She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband, David, her two children, Zoë and Zeke, and one sweet husky. 


Linsey Griffith has been a birth professional since 2007. She is a compassionate and experienced Doula and Childbirth Educator.  She completed Labor Doula training with DONA in 2007 and is certifying with ToLabor and DONA in 2017. She is also seeking DONA Postpartum certification. She is trained in Placenta Encapsulation and certified in Rebozo. She is trained in Child Birth Education with Childbirth International. Linsey is certified in HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education with HypnoBirthing International.  She recently certified in the use of TENS in labor. 

She has attended over 119 births in many settings, including hospitals, homes, and birth centers. These have included unblocked, medicated, VBAC, Cesarean, Water-birth, spontaneous labor, inductions, and losses.  

She lives in Delaware, Ohio with her husband Ken and her two children, Tesla and Finnegan. 

For all Dayton Support Services you have two Doulas, whom you will meet prenatally, so you will be ensured care. 


Blessingway: $250

Labor Support: $1100

Postpartum Support: $30 per hour

Lactation Support: $200

Placenta Encapsulation: $275

HypnoBirthing Private Class: $600

Birth Basics Class: $150

New Parents Class: $150

Rebozo Closing : $150

TENS rental: $25 + $25 refundable deposit with agreement. Includes 1 set of electrodes and batteries. 


Basic - Birth Basics, Labor Support, Lactation Support, TENS Rental, Placenta Encapsulation*: $1650

Ultimate Care - Birth Basics, Labor Support, Lactation Support, Placenta Encapsulation, TENS Rental, and 15 hours Postpartum Support*: $2100

*Lactation Support and Placenta Encapsulation may be traded for Postpartum Support or New Parents Class or Rebozo Closing Ceremony*


Client Form: Labor Contract

Client Form: Postpartum Contract

Client Form: TENS Contract

Client Form: TENS Provider Consent

Client Form: Placenta Encapsulation Contract





The Ohio Doula
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Experienced Birth Doulas for Labor Support. Postpartum Support, Placenta Encapsulation, HypnoBirthing, Childbirth Education and Lactation Support.
Serving Central Ohio and the Dayton area.