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Experienced Birth Doulas for Labor Support. Postpartum Support, Placenta Encapsulation , HypnoBirthing, Childbirth Education, Lactation Support for the birthing year. 

"My wife and I had our first child this year. It was a tricky pregnancy and an even trickier labor. We felt supported by Linsey & Jen every step of the way. The really awesome part about The Ohio Doulas is they are a team. Many doulas are single individuals so if you happen to go into labor at the same time as another client, they have to get creative in order to cover both clients. Not the case with the Ohio Doulas, with Jen & Linsey, you get a dynamic duo who bring very unique and complimentary strengths to the table. And becasue they are a team, their ability to cover multiple labors at once is second to none. Jen Bailey was our primary doula. My wife was in labor for 67 hours total, most of which happened at home. Jen never left her side. We made up the guest bed for her and she stayed all night helping my wife to relax through contractions. In summary, we absolutely could not have gotten through the pregnancy and labor with The Ohio Doulas. Thank you Jen & Linsey!"
T, Birth Support and Placenta Encapsulation Client

"I had a wonderful experience with Linsey and Jen. I did not have a doula for my first, and I really wish that I had! For my second baby, they were there for me whenever I needed it--and I needed them a lot to help get me through my prodromal labor. When progressive labor did start and it became clear that the baby was poorly positioned, Jen did everything possible to help us move him. At the hospital, Linsey was such a calming presence. I loved having her there to get me through labor. Because of some complications, I ended up having a c-section, but having her there made me feel so much better about the process. I highly recommend them! "
B, Birth Support Client

"Linsey is amazing!!!  She's exactly what you would want in a doula : complete support!! Regardless of your birth plan, her goal is to help you have the best birthing experience you can possibly have.  My husband and I agreed immediately after meeting her that it was a great fit.  We were expecting our first baby & had no idea what we were doing. She was great at educating us the whole way. From getting to know each other & expectations, to her birthing class.. We felt comfortable every step of the way.  When my water broke, she was the first person we called! You are in control & supported the whole time. Especially considering we were aiming for a natural birth in a hospital, she was an amazing coach and voice for us. Even when our birth plan didn't go as planned.. She made me feel amazing throughout my entire experience. I opted for an epidural close to the end & her support was amazing. Not to mention her incredible accessibility for all the mommy questions postpartum.  I'm so happy with our birth experience & she helped make it what it was. I was terrified of childbirth pre-Linsey & I can honestly say that she completely turned my fears around. For that alone, I am so grateful & I cannot wait to call her with news of my next baby!!!"
L, Birth Support, Birth Basics, and Placenta Encapsulation Client

"Linsey was absolutely amazing! I could not have done it without her and her services were worth every single penny! She prepared me for my birth in a way reading and talking to friends could of never provided. She was so supportive and helpful to both my husband and myself at every stage in the process. Her techniques to assist with labor were so valuable & her insight during the process gave me so much comfort. She had the perfect balance of helping but not being too overbearing. I am so happy with all aspects of her services!"
K & K - Birth Support and Placenta Encapsulation Clients

"I Loved Linsey! She was very professional and knowledgeable. I will use her again." 
J, Placenta Encapsulation Client  

"Jennifer was the first person I called and she instructed me to call our midwife.  I was experiencing a tremendous sharp pain almost like an appendicitis along with what I perceived to be labor pain. Having had four other children I knew this pain was not normal. Jennifer stayed calm and kept me calm while I lost my breakfast in the bathroom sink. Once at the hospital, she continued to help me to breath correctly so I could stay focused. My midwife informed me that I was suffering from a placental abruption which was why I was in triple pain and I would need an emergency c-section. I was freaking out but Jennifer quickly brought me back with massage and calm words of encouragement and reassurance. She also helped my husband to be instrumental at relieving some of my pain.  Once out of the delivery room it was time to pump for the baby and Jennifer was right there cheering me on. To watch Jennifer in action is extremely inspiring as she truly loves and is passionate about what she is doing. It takes a special person to actually assist in helping moms birth their babies however they are born and she truly is a special person."
R - Birth Support Client

"Linsey's hands on skills were very effective during labor and delivery, including light touch massage and counter-pressure in early labor."
L - Birth Support Client

"Linsey provided the kind of nurturing support every laboring woman needs and deserves. Her strength, encouragement, and reassurance made my daughter's birth a joyful and positive experience I'll always remember." 
B & B - Birth Support and Placenta Encapsulation Client

"Linsey was wonderful, kind, professional, and sanitary." 
J - Placenta Encapsulation Client

"Linsey has a heart of gold. A compassionate and caring person, I never felt that she had an agenda of her own. I always felt that she had my best interest at heart, no matter what type of birth plan I decided on. My husband who at first was uncomfortable with the idea of having a doula with us, quickly had a change of heart upon meeting her. She assured us that she was there for us and that we would not be pushed to do anything we did not want to do. I had a very fast labor and she remained calm and respectful during the brief moments of chaos when my husband and I were going through a range of emotions and shock. She was willing to stay for as long as we needed and made sure our needs are met. I highly recommend her and would definitely use her services again if we decide to have another baby."
K - Birth Support Client

"My husband and I worked with Linsey in August 2014 for the birth of my second son. Linsey helped me to have a successful VBAC. She was absolutely amazing to work with. I wish I would have understood how doulas worked when I had my first son. Linsey was understanding and patient. She was responsive when I had questions. She was respectful of the medical professionals. After my son's birth, the nurses and my husband were tending to him (as they should be). I needed to get a few stitches so Linsey stayed by my side. She was absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend her." 
L - Birth Support Client

"We found Linsey via Facebook when I was seeking out a Hypnobirthing course. We enrolled in her 6 week long course and LOVED it. It made us feel confident that we wanted Linsey as our doula for our in hospital birth. As my pregnancy progressed, I began to experience some complications and new developments like gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension. I began to wonder, that if I wasn't having a complications free birth, was it even worth it to have a doula? I learned quickly that it was even MORE important for us to have a doula. Linsey helped me navigate the difficult questions we had at the end of our pregnancy. She guided us through fear release exercises and made us feel encouraged even as the likelihood of a medically induced labor became more real. Linsey helped me reflect on important questions I could ask my care providers so that our birth preferences could still be a reality. When our son's birth day finally arrived, Linsey was a pillar of support and calm for us and our family. She was incredible with the hospital staff and made us all feel at ease. Linsey helped me manage the intensity of labor through verbal affirmations, soft touch, and positioning. After hours of labor, we had to make some difficult choices during our son's delivery which ended in an unplanned caesarean. While this was not at all how I pictured how I would birth my baby, I felt empowered and safe nonetheless, in large part because of the support and guidance from Linsey. Linsey was then able to offer her support to us while we were in recovery and during our post partum time at home. I would highly recommend Linsey to anyone looking for a doula because of her professionalism, experience, and incredibly calm nature. It is clear that she truly values the birthing experience of every family." 
E - HypnoBirthing and Birth Support Client  

"Linsey was incredible. She was always available when I had questions and was so supportive at the hospital. She talked me through everything, helped with anything I requested, massaged me, put me in better positions and so much more. She made the experience so much more enjoyable and comfortable. I could not have done it without her." 
K - HypnoBirthing and Birth Support Client  

"My labor would not have been the same without her! She was a lifesaver. Linsey truly supports women in the birthing process as well as prenatally and postpartum."                        S. - Birth Support

"Linsey did a wonderful job. Supported patient and husband well. Helpful to nursing staff." 
Dublin Methodist Nurse

"Linsey helped my patient have a fabulous birth!" 
Obstetrician from OSU

"Linsey was awesome, respectful and professional. I have great respect for Doulas." 
Obstetrician from St. Ann's

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Experienced Birth Doulas for Labor Support. Postpartum Support, Placenta Encapsulation, HypnoBirthing, Childbirth Education and Lactation Support.
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