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Living in Fear

With the recent events all across the world it can be a frightening time to be alive. Yet I think how much safer and better the world is than in the distant past. We can now expect to live an an average of 78.7 years. 100 years ago the average life expectancy was 54.7 years. Life is better. There have always been wars. The face of war is changing. It is terrifying. I've seen a lot of young mothers post recently that they feel guilty bringing new life into the world. 

This saddens me; but I understand. Some days it is easy to let the sadness and scariness overwhelm us. But I believe we have to trust in ourselves, our children, and the innate goodness inside. 

If we look at how much better the world is than it use to be, think of what could happen if we raise a generation of enlightened, loving, caring, kind, generous, hard working, passionate people! If the people who care stop having children because of fear the world will slide back into the dark ages (just my humble opinion). 

When scary things happen we can't let fear consume us. As expecting parents and new parents we can't operate from a place of fear. We have to focus on the positives. As Mr Roger's mother said "Look for the helpers."  

As we approach birth or parenting we have to set good examples for our children and our families. If we expect our family to trust us, our birth plans, and our wisdom, we have to trust ourselves. We have to trust in our bodies, our babies, and the process of birth. We have to trust in our innate wisdom to parent from a place of love and compassion. 

" All that matters in life is that you give it your very best and live life to the fullest. The only fear should be fear itself. It is better to live with mistakes than to live a life filled with regret." 

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