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But She Said Yes!

In light of the recent events at Old Dominion University I thought we would discuss informed consent and how rape culture affects our perceptions of and the application of informed consent.

Informed consent " is a process for getting permission before conducting a healthcare intervention on that person." What constitutes as informed consent can change from situation to situation and institution to institution.  For a more in depth picture of what informed consent looks like go to this site

The rape culture that is so embedded in our daily lives that the now suspended fraternity at ODU brought to light, can also affect our medical care. The same lack of respect for women as fellow humans and equals can lead to a dismissal of the rights of a woman to informed consent.  

Even the way some care providers assume consent can be dismissing of a woman's individual agency.  There is a difference between asking "May I touch your thigh? May I start the cervical exam?" and "You're going to feel my hand on your thigh, now some some pressure." One is seeking permission, one is informing of action. Informed consent , but its definition, is informing about the action or procedure, and getting permission for it. 

Until America has weeded out the element that feeds rape culture, and all the patriarchy and misogyny that accompany it, we must be proactive as health care consumers. Find a care provider you like. Do background/Google searches. Get references or recommendations from people you trust. Develop a rapport with your care provider. Know your rights. 

Then, after you bring your precious baby home, teach him or her that supporting rape culture through action or inaction is unacceptable. 

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